Taiteiden yö - 65Hz Vaasa

Night of the Arts – 65Hz @Patio 10.08.2023

65Hz has a special audio stew cooking for you. Come and taste what happens when you stir together tons of creativity in three live performances and season it with passionate DJ sets.

Dancing shoes recommended.

Approx. timetable:
20:00 Georg Marander + Avec [Live]
– Italo inspired electroindie
20:30 P. Sulkakoski [DJ]
– Smooth and sexy
21:15 C. Winter [DJ]
– Backyard beats
22:00 03SIDIAN (SUPRANU Records) [Live]
– Electronic, post-club
22:45 Torolf Stendik (Meltdown) [Live]
– Artsy Fartsy Discoteekki Special Live
23:30 All Hands on Decks -> 01:00 [DJ’s]

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