Tag: electronic music

  • Aftonklubben X Urban, 30.09.2023

    Aftonklubben X Urban, 30.09.2023

    Aftonklubben turns Urban Pasta into an intimate dance floor! House music all night long, back to the roots, tight and cosy, just like the parties when we started out at Raawka. This time we have a special treat for you as two driving forces of the Umeå scene join us for the evening. It’s our…

  • JungleUNIT, 26.08.2023

    JungleUNIT, 26.08.2023

    65Hz/UNIT delivers an unparalleled night of Drum and Bass! This time you really should bring a towel with you to swipe the sweat! The heat is turned up at the bar from 19:00 by our dear neighbor, David Svensson from Sweden, accompanied by our own P. Sulkakoski! A full-on blissful mayhem of beats and breaks…

  • Night of the Arts – 65Hz @Patio 10.08.2023

    Night of the Arts – 65Hz @Patio 10.08.2023

    65Hz has a special audio stew cooking for you. Come and taste what happens when you stir together tons of creativity in three live performances and season it with passionate DJ sets. Dancing shoes recommended. Approx. timetable:20:00 Georg Marander + Avec [Live]– Italo inspired electroindie20:30 P. Sulkakoski [DJ]– Smooth and sexy21:15 C. Winter [DJ]– Backyard…