Aftonlubben - Rave, Techno

Aftonklubben 4 Ukraine, 09.07.2022

Underground electronic music all night long. From early evening disco to midnight techno and late night hardtrance.

100% of the ticket price will be donated to help Ukraine.


So what is this all about?
I’m Erik, 31 years old creative freelancer and amateur DJ. Together with friends we started doing parties as Aftonklubben 4 years ago.
In may I went to Lviv and Kyiv to donate two Swedish ambulances as a part of ‘s work to support the Ukrainian people. Now we have managed to get two more ambulances but we need YOUR HELP to fill them up with medical equipment and get them delivered to where they are needed.
Everyday Ukrainians are dying while defending their country against Russian imperialism. Also, the civilian suffering is beyond our understanding and completely unacceptable. Russias indiscriminate targeting of civilians is well documented and will not go unpunished.
This war is an attack our european values of freedom and democracy! We can not allow ourselves to grow tired and “forget” about the war.
Ukraine needs our help today, tomorrow and in the years to come.
Now let’s have a really nice party and if you can afford, additional donations are much needed and very welcome.
Love music, h4te Putin!







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