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  • ⫸AFTONKLUBBEN ⫸ BOXING DAY, 26.12.2022

    ⫸AFTONKLUBBEN ⫸ BOXING DAY, 26.12.2022

    ’Twas the night after Christmas in a cellar downtown, young people craved music and just to hang around. Okay, we know. It’s a privilege to spend the holidays with family but we need a break from falling back into our teenage selves living with our parents. Therefore we, Aftonklubben heroes, offer a safe haven where […]

  • Aftonklubben 4 Ukraine, aftermath

    Aftonklubben 4 Ukraine, aftermath

    From the bottom of our hearts, thank you!A special thanks to Saana and Kix from Doobop and all the volounteers that made this possible, Aliona who arranged the makeup station, Jakob who supplied the lights and of course all the DJ’s.Together we managed to raise 2828€ for the cause! ❤️

  • Aftonklubben 4 Ukraine, 09.07.2022

    Aftonklubben 4 Ukraine, 09.07.2022

    Underground electronic music all night long. From early evening disco to midnight techno and late night hardtrance. 100% of the ticket price will be donated to help Ukraine. 20€+ So what is this all about?I’m Erik, 31 years old creative freelancer and amateur DJ. Together with friends we started doing parties as Aftonklubben 4 years […]