UNIT: Badger in Bunker, 20.11.2022

From Vault to Bunker.

UNIT keeps keeping you safe from the mad world. This time the shelter is a Bunker we built with a Badger in Butcher & Banker.

Peacekeepers: DJ Torolf, P. Sulkakoski, C. Winter, Deadroid, Sane

Weapons of disarmament: Electro, House & Techno

Date: 19.11.2022

Time: 18:00 – 04:30

In the Butcher bar (18-23) the lineup will be All b2b Everyone.

At the Banker Club (23 ->) the plan is as follows:

• 23-00 C. Winter
• 00-01 DJ Torolf
• 01-02 Sane
• 02-> P. Sulkakoski b2b deadroid

Spot: Butcher & Banker, Vaasanpuistikko 18, Vaasa, FINLAND

Entry: 0€ + 3€ cloakroom







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