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  • UNIT: Badger in Bunker2, 18.03.2023

    UNIT: Badger in Bunker2, 18.03.2023

    Back in The Butcher & Banker with Badger in Bunker 2! Another fine 65Hz -event! Techno, House & Such! As our dear Buddy the AI said: ” Where Badgers, Butchers, and Bankers all shareA Bunker so cozy, with beats in the airTonight we let loose, without a care The Badger’s sly, with moves so slickThe […]

  • UNIT: Badger in Bunker, 20.11.2022

    UNIT: Badger in Bunker, 20.11.2022

    From Vault to Bunker. UNIT keeps keeping you safe from the mad world. This time the shelter is a Bunker we built with a Badger in Butcher & Banker. Peacekeepers: DJ Torolf, P. Sulkakoski, C. Winter, Deadroid, Sane Weapons of disarmament: Electro, House & Techno Date: 19.11.2022 Time: 18:00 – 04:30 In the Butcher bar […]

  • UNIT@Patio, 29.-30.07.2022

    UNIT@Patio, 29.-30.07.2022

    The Electronic Music Association 65Hz is thrilled to invite You to join the celebration at Patio! Two great summer nights filled with ‘Dressed to Kill’ House and Techno Music by the most accomplished and prolific guest artists and our own knob twiddlers. Afterparty at Tørsti’s Technodungeon both nights ———————————-Approx timetable Friday the 29th: Housepatio19 > P. […]

  • UNIT: Vault30, 28.05.2022

    UNIT: Vault30, 28.05.2022

    Your favorite Basement Party is back!DJ TOROLF (Studio Barnhus / Meltdown)& UNIT RESIDENTSTørst Company BackroomEntry: 3,50 € cloakroom fee only!Come as you are – Dance like there is no tomorrow! Here is little something something to get your groowe on with. Served by Torolf himself!

  • UNIT: Vault 22, aftermath

    UNIT: Vault 22, aftermath

  • UNIT: Vault 22, 19.03.2022

    UNIT: Vault 22, 19.03.2022

    UNIT has managed to secure a shelter for you and your friends to hide from this terrible year. Vault22 is shielded against madness with repetitive soundwaves summoned by UNIT residents.Dancing shoes recommended.