UNIT: Badger in Bunker 2 - House and Techno, Vaasa

UNIT: Badger in Bunker2, 18.03.2023

Back in The Butcher & Banker with Badger in Bunker 2! Another fine 65Hz -event!

Techno, House & Such!

As our dear Buddy the AI said:

” Where Badgers, Butchers, and Bankers all share
A Bunker so cozy, with beats in the air
Tonight we let loose, without a care

The Badger’s sly, with moves so slick
The Butcher’s got cuts, that’ll do the trick
The Banker’s got cash, to make you quick
Together we dance, to the beat so thick

Let’s forget our titles, and our daily grind
We’re all here tonight, to unwind and find
A moment of bliss, a break from the bind
So let’s dance together, and free our minds!”

Dee to the Jays:

At the bar from 19:
• Erik Åhman
• C. Winter

At the Club from 22:
• Ben D (WTC, tre)
• MU
• P. Sulkakoski
• deadroid

Date: 18.03.2023
Time: 19 – 04
Spot: Butcher & Banker, Vaasanpuistikko 18, Vaasa, FINLAND
Entry: 5€ + 3€ cloakroom

More info to follow!

FB-event: https://fb.me/e/2KqUm2bbW







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