65Hz presents: UNIT with DJ Ender & Folks

UNIT: DJ Ender & Folks, 27.05.2023

65Hz is proud to bring you DJ Ender!

Decades of DJing techno and house around the globe.
Releasing cutting edge techno and house on labels such as Guidance, Mood music, Eskimo, i’m a Cliche, Bordella a Parigi, Flexx, Relish, Seahorse & Castle, Catskills, Ubiquity Records, Sonar Kollektiv, Compost Records to name a few.
Shaping the Helsinki club culture.

Now he is here to make you sweat!

That’s not all!

Accompanying Ender:

* Zakka (Meltdown, hki)
* DJ Mesa-Vatti (Meltdown)
* Sane (UNIT)
* P. Sulkakoski (UNIT)
* C. Winter (UNIT)

We start with softer tunes at the Bar at 19:00 and continue with banging in the Club from 22:00.

Free entry from 19 to 22. After that the ticket is 5€ + 3€ cloakroom fee. (*psst* free tickets for the whole event between 21 and 22).

More info to follow.

FB-event: https://fb.me/e/4kjRuDnMd







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  1. 65Hz Avatar

    Meet DJ Ender

    DJ Ender (Hannu Nieminen) is a Giant among Finnish deejays. His career is spanning for over three decades, beginning in warehouse raves (yes,the first ones in Finland) at the end of the 1980s and is still going as strong as ever.

    Throughout his extensive musical journey, Nieminen has made a significant impact on Helsinki and Finnish club culture, playing a pivotal role in shaping it into what it is today. Besides deejaying at thousands of events above- and undergound, clubs both in Finland and abroad, sharing decks with some of the industry’s top artists, he’s also been the founder of Deep club, resident DJ for Kerma, regular sight at the booths of Berlin, Smile, Soda, Siltanen and Kaiku, co-founder of the Function Recordings, Nuspirit Helsinki and even the Flow festival.

    With releases on labels such as Guidance, Relish, I’m A Cliché, Eskimo, Mood Music, Bordella a Parigi, Flexx, Seahorse & Castle and many more, this Legend has proven his wide range of creative visions and musical styles.

    Today, Ender is focusing mainly in producing music for him self and other artists and for movies and in helping young talents to find their own sound. DJ gigs aren’t as frequent as they used to be.

    Do Not Miss This One!

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