UNIT - techno, house

UNIT@Patio, 29.-30.07.2022

The Electronic Music Association 65Hz is thrilled to invite You to join the celebration at Patio!

Two great summer nights filled with ‘Dressed to Kill’ House and Techno Music by the most accomplished and prolific guest artists and our own knob twiddlers.

Afterparty at Tørsti’s Technodungeon both nights ❤
Approx timetable

Friday the 29th:

19 > P. Sulkakoski (UNIT)
20 > Miia Magia (Motto Sono)
21 > Aleksi Myllykoski with Tapani Rinne (live, Signature Dark)
22 > Mr Barth & Miia Magia (Motto Sono, b2b)
00 > Mr Barth (Motto Sono)

Tørsti’s Technodungeon
01 > Miia Magia (Motto Sono)
02 > Cari Lekebusch (H-Productions)
03 > A. Myllykoski (Signature Dark)

Saturday the 30th:

19 > Jussi Fruit (UNIT)
20 > Epik Oh-man (Aftonklubben)
21 > DJ Marander (Aftonklubben)
22 > C. Winter (UNIT)
23 > Torolf Stendik (live, Studio Barnhus / Meltdown)
00 > Sane (UNIT)

Tørsti’s Technodungeon
01 > P. Sulkakoski & deadroid (UNIT, b2b)
02 > C. Winter (UNIT)
03 > Sane (UNIT)


2 day tickets can be bought in advance for 30€ from Brasserie & Bar Fondis

Single day tickets are available only at the door for 20€.

No VIP or other “Priority” shenanigans. You all are important!







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