Aftonklubben BOXINGDAY

Aftonklubben BOXINGDAY, 26.12.2023

Okay, we know.
It’s a privilege to spend the holidays with family but we need a break from falling back into our teenage selves living with our parents. Therefore we, Aftonklubben and 65hz, offer a safe haven where we all can be our adult selves. Far away from the commercial clubs with shit music and pissdrunk average Joes.
Come enjoy alternative electronic music, and hang out with old and new friends.

This event will feature two dancefloors, one for techno and another with more housey selection. Soundsystems provided by Aftonklubben and Rakkausradio.

The lineup consists of approximately a thousand DJ’s representing local crews such as Aftonklubben, UNIT, Deep Dive, Meltdown Deejays, Machine and Frivilliga Baskåren. Furthermore we have two honorary guest from Helsinki and Umeå!

This is a 65Hz event and you need to be a member to participate.
Membership fee is 20€ and entrance is 5€.
You can get your membership card at the door.

There is no alcohol sales at the venue! BYOB!

Safe space guidelines:

Treat each other with respect. We have zero tolerance for homophobia, transphobia, racism, sexism, ableism, classism, body shaming or other discriminatory speech or behaviour.

Always seek and respect consent in interactions, both physical and verbal, and be mindful of personal boundaries.
If you witness any inappropriate behaviour or have concerns about safety contact our designated safety persons or the security guard.

Respect the facilities, don’t litter.

Anyone who is not following the safer spaces guidelines will be removed from the event and will not be allowed back in. Your 65Hz membership might also be revoked.

Take care of your body, Stay hydrated and be mindful of your level of intoxication, use ear protection if needed.

Come early, stay late, have fun and enjoy yourselves!




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