Aftonklubben X Urban, 30.09.2023

Aftonklubben turns Urban Pasta into an intimate dance floor!

House music all night long, back to the roots, tight and cosy, just like the parties when we started out at Raawka.

This time we have a special treat for you as two driving forces of the Umeå scene join us for the evening. It’s our pleasure and privilege to welcome Henrik Sigurdh and Oliver Sarin.

Partners in crime with a sweet spot for Swedish made house music. They have played at raves and parties all across Sweden and are the duo behind Nattsudd, where they book some of the most interesting names within contemporary Swedish dance music.

Together they join forces blending invigorating dance trax filled with no-nonsense house, breakbeats, and some inventive new takes on classic sounds, incorporating everything in between.

21-00 Local heroes b2b

00-02 Henrik Sigurdh b2b Oliver Sarin

Art by Ia Kuula.

This is a 65HZ event supported by the city of Vaasa.







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